Richmond BC. Pacific People. Authentic Welcome.

The City of Richmond is located on Canada’s Pacific Coast in the province of British Columbia. Richmond is a unique island city, favourably located within Metro Vancouver in close proximity to downtown Vancouver and the U.S. border. It comprises a series of islands nested in the mouth of the Fraser River with the coastal mountain range as a backdrop. The islands include Sea Island, most of Lulu Island and 15 smaller islands.

With a population last estimated at 230,584 people, Richmond is an ethnically diverse, growing and dynamic urban centre with a unique mix of residential and commercial property, agricultural lands, industrial parks, waterways and natural areas. Richmond is situated where the Fraser River meets the Pacific Ocean.

The shores surrounding Richmond create an estuary border that provides a habitat for fish and for migrating birds on the Pacific Flyway between the Arctic and South America. Richmond has undergone enormous change over the last several decades, with significant growth in the early 1990s. Today, Richmond is a dynamic, multi-ethnic community. Much of the recent population growth has been made up of Asian immigrants. People of Chinese or South Asian ancestry represent more than 60 percent of Richmond residents. Newcomers have contributed significantly to the growth of the small business and retail sectors and have added to the diversity and vibrancy of the city of Richmond.

Sockeyes Community Involvement
Community Involvement is a major component of our organization’s success. Commitment to our community through our players, coaches, volunteers, and partners is something our organization can be proud of. We are committed to a variety of non-profit organizations, elementary schools, indigenous programs, and sporting associations. We work diligently to create a long-lasting partnership with these organizations to assist them in their fundraising efforts and create awareness for them through various community events. It is imperative that each and every member of our team accepts the responsibility of being a Sockeye not only on the ice but off the ice.

Richmond has a temperate west coast climate. Unlike other parts of Canada, the west coast gets little or no snow most winters, and because of Richmond’s distance from the mountains, the average rainfall (1,112.6mm or 43.8 in.) is 30 percent less than neighbouring Vancouver.