Billet Families

Be part of the excitement, become a billet today!

Every year the Richmond Sockeyes welcome 22 players from around Canada and BC to the Lower Mainland. Their stay lasts anywhere from a single day to a whole season.

Our players need a caring and safe environment in which they feel at home. This takes time, patience, and a willingness to share on your behalf. You must be willing to understand that there could be lots of differences culturally and personally on both sides and that in this process, you could make a new friend for life.

What makes a great Billet?

Being a billet takes sensitivity and patience. You must understand that the player is away from their family and that this player is a unique individual, and that getting used to a new environment can be tough. The best way to overcome this awkward transition is for you to share your lifestyle in a positive, safe, and caring manner.

What the Host Family provides:

A private bedroom and closet (and/or private or basement suite).

Nutritious meals and a place to call home.

A patient, caring, positive and friendly home atmosphere.

The same guidance and attention you would want for your children,

What the Host Family receives:

A monthly stipend for each player housed – up to $500/mo. 

Season Tickets – with all the perks! to all Sockeyes games for everyone in the immediate family living in the household.

Invitation to the Year End Banquet and other team events.

First-hand knowledge of events and happenings with the Richmond Sockeyes.

Housing Dates: AUGUST 2023

All players will arrive in mid-August. This allows for high school or college enrolled players to report to school for registration, as well as for training camp that will begin right away in September 2023.

Housing will continue through the end of the season, which may last through the end of March and into May.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on becoming a Host Family:

Contact us at for more information.