“Be your Best, Seize the Moment, Greatness is a Life Mission, Leave a Legacy”

Our goal as a club is to help develop our hockey players into outstanding citizens, who are able to come together as a team to create success on and off the ice.

Our program is built around:

  1. Consistency
  2. Creativity
  3. Courtesy
  4. Composure
  5. Commitment
  6. Compete
  7. Connection

We help foster a cohesive team that is destined for success.

Both the on-ice and off-ice development of our players is assured by a strong coaching system put in place by our dedicated and experienced coaching staff featuring the following aspects:

  • Hockey and Skating Skills / Systems
  • Physical Fitness
  • Education in Life & Academic Skills
  • Community Service
  • Mentorship
  • Personal Development
  • Hockey Development

Office Ice Dryland – Our Players have mandatory Training Sessions in a private environment, professionally supervised throughout the season.

Trainer – The Sockeyes Organization treats safety and the well-being of our players very seriously, our trainer attends all games and practices and treats injuries away from the rink as well.

Education – In both Life and Academic skills is a priority for our Program. We have a Scholarship foundation and have a former Alumni, and a retired Principal who assists in our education planning. Sockeyes have our own scholarship foundation and have given out over 350K in 20 years to players looking to pursue post-education.

Community Involvement – The Sockeyes Players are encouraged to participate in our School Programs and also other community events.

Player Development – All aspects of our Development Programs are designed to allow players to develop and grow their personal skill sets.

Sockeyes Life Style – The Sockeyes Strive to ensure our Players enjoy the culture that we have established for over 50 Years, Team Building and various events are part of our team offering.

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